Monday, 15 October 2012

Special Sunday

Of course every Sunday is special,  but this was a very special packed day. For no specific reason.  But it was a very thought provoking Mass,  which we followed up by doubling the God quotient by going along to the Gurudwara (Sikh temple) with my Dad and Mum because LittleCub had been asking them to take her for ages. We realised PapaWolf had never been,  so we all went along.
There has been a good few changes since I had last been,  including screens showing the words to the hymns being sung, in gurmukhi script, English translation and transliteration in Roman script. It helped the feeling of inclusion.
The langar (blessed food) was delicious,  and very respectfully and politely served, which was far better than some previous experiences.
After lunch,  PapaWolf and the cubs and I shot off to a lovely babywearing  pop-up shop to mark International Babywearing Week,  and I enjoyed meeting more like minded mamas. BigCub had a whale of a time helping with various babies,  and LittleCub found a toddler to befriend. And I bought a sling :-D
When we got home,  GodPapa had cooked up a wonderful LittleCub-request meal of jerk chicken,  coconut rice and plantain. Yum.
The evening was rounded off by an emotional Downton Abbey. So,  to sum up:
Good: most of it,  but especially a new sling,  I have to admit!
Bad: absolutely no alone time with PapaWolf.
Noteworthy: PapaWolf trying out a wrap. Also, I'm actually finding it much easier to not snack in the evenings that I thought I would. Even if there are snack foods around.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

belated first rice

good bad AND notable:
I have been to my mother's house for a rite of passage for my son, his ceremonial first rice, and of course she cooked a slap up wonderful meal, rice, daal, potato peas, chicken curry and rounded off with payesh, a thickened sweet milky pudding.
I can barely cope lying down with baby to put him to bed, and I won't be eating again for days I think...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Sunday best (and worst!)

Bad: the girlcubs both a bit post-daddy day blues, party food (see below) very meagre after great build up.

Good:church birthday party had fun atmosphere regardless, Sindhi vegetarian food mela fun, affordable and interesting. And then we watched the 1st 2 episodes of Spooks from series 1 On Demand tv as there was nothing else of interest on.

Notable: a playgroup regular came to church, and seemed to enjoy it lots. My parents seemed to include Papa Wolf more than usual. This made me happy.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A very eventful Monday

Good: Big Cub received her Dr Who runners up prizes and there was a showing of their filmed production of their script during assembly. Little Cub also received a certificate because she got into Golden Book twice in one week!
Bad: supper was a rather rushed fractured affair, as Little Cub had her first session as a Rainbow today. Big Cub stayed to help and is considering going back to Brownies for the few remaining months. As for supper, it was still v tasty tho I did smash a badly positioned glass in my haste.
Notable: Tiny Cub eating noodles by hand, Little Cub on springs after Rainbows, Big Cub on springs with her prizes. Knitting club at my favourite cafe, Boyden's Kitchen; knitting bunting, getting my head round the shaping and pattern and suddenly being able to "see" how the stitches should look for each row.
Really good day.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sumptuous Sunday

Good: being back at church. I definitely missed it last week. Especially as I had such a bad day then, and the reason we skipped turned out to be quite a disappointment.
Bad: babycub didn't really sleep properly in the day.
Notable: we had an impromptu day together with a friend we haven't been spending enough time with. It was really good to be together again.tie

Saturday, 26 May 2012

a much better day for Friday

Much much happier today, not sure what made the difference, but here's my brief overview

Good: fantastic lunch of chicken couscous salad at Boyden's Kitchen

Bad: picnic spot too windy and breezy for all (inc BabyCub) to enjoy properly

Notable: felt a strong urge to catch and speak to a woman walking with a baby in a framed back pack walking a Tibetan terrier, so sped up to do so, and found she was not only friendly, but looking for someone to give her a friendly word after a rotten day, and also had been looking for a Friday morning activity to bring her baby to, also had been wondering how to get training advice on her dog, and also if there was a better way to carry her baby on her back! I think I might be able to help with all 3!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dissatisfied on a Thursday

Just one of those vaguely irritating days, where irritation has cumulative effect, & compounds itself.
Good: Tinycub happily sitting on playmat with toys, cheerfully playing for quite some while.
Bad: winning script wasn't as good as ours, not true to backstory, no famous person, rubbish solution. Was all in TARDIS so easy to film, but I can't help thinking 3 cutsie white girls make for more Blue Peter standard viewers.
Notable: it is very hot weather.